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Create a participant


Add a participant to a tournament (up until it is started).




Name Description
Your API key (required unless you're using HTTP basic authentication)
{tournament} (in URL string)
Tournament ID (e.g. 10230) or URL (e.g. 'single_elim' for If assigned to a subdomain, URL format must be :subdomain-:tournament_url (e.g. 'test-mytourney' for
participant[name] The name displayed in the bracket/schedule - not required if email or challonge_username is provided. Must be unique per tournament.
participant[challonge_username] Provide this if the participant has a Challonge account. He or she will be invited to the tournament.
participant[email] Providing this will first search for a matching Challonge account. If one is found, this will have the same effect as the "challonge_username" attribute. If one is not found, the "new-user-email" attribute will be set, and the user will be invited via email to create an account.
participant[seed] integer - The participant's new seed. Must be between 1 and the current number of participants (including the new record). Overwriting an existing seed will automatically bump other participants as you would expect.
participant[misc] string - Max: 255 characters. Multi-purpose field that is only visible via the API and handy for site integration (e.g. key to your users table)

Sample Response

  "participant": {
    "active": true,
    "checked_in_at": null,
    "created_at": "2015-01-19T16:54:40-05:00",
    "final_rank": null,
    "group_id": null,
    "icon": null,
    "id": 16543993,
    "invitation_id": null,
    "invite_email": null,
    "misc": null,
    "name": "Participant #1",
    "on_waiting_list": false,
    "seed": 1,
    "tournament_id": 1086875,
    "updated_at": "2015-01-19T16:54:40-05:00",
    "challonge_username": null,
    "challonge_email_address_verified": null,
    "removable": true,
    "participatable_or_invitation_attached": false,
    "confirm_remove": true,
    "invitation_pending": false,
    "display_name_with_invitation_email_address": "Participant #1",
    "email_hash": null,
    "username": null,
    "attached_participatable_portrait_url": null,
    "can_check_in": false,
    "checked_in": false,
    "reactivatable": false
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <active type="boolean">true</active>
  <checked-in-at nil="true"/>
  <final-rank nil="true"/>
  <group-id nil="true"/>
  <icon nil="true"/>
  <id type="integer">16543993</id>
  <invitation-id nil="true"/>
  <invite-email nil="true"/>
  <misc nil="true"/>
  <name>Participant #1</name>
  <on-waiting-list type="boolean">false</on-waiting-list>
  <seed type="integer">1</seed>
  <tournament-id type="integer">1086875</tournament-id>
  <challonge-username nil="true"/>
  <challonge-email-address-verified nil="true"/>
  <removable type="boolean">true</removable>
  <participatable-or-invitation-attached type="boolean">false</participatable-or-invitation-attached>
  <confirm-remove type="boolean">true</confirm-remove>
  <invitation-pending type="boolean">false</invitation-pending>
  <display-name-with-invitation-email-address>Participant #1</display-name-with-invitation-email-address>
  <email-hash nil="true"/>
  <username nil="true"/>
  <attached-participatable-portrait-url nil="true"/>
  <can-check-in type="boolean">false</can-check-in>
  <checked-in type="boolean">false</checked-in>
  <reactivatable type="boolean">false</reactivatable>