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Add a file, link, or text attachment to a match. NOTE: The associated tournament's "accept_attachments" attribute must be true for this action to succeed.


POST https://api.challonge.com/v1/tournaments/{tournament}/matches/{match_id}/attachments.{json|xml}


Name Description
Your API key (required unless you're using HTTP basic authentication)
{tournament} (in URL string)
Tournament ID (e.g. 10230) or URL (e.g. 'single_elim' for challonge.com/single_elim). If assigned to a subdomain, URL format must be :subdomain-:tournament_url (e.g. 'test-mytourney' for test.challonge.com/mytourney)
{match_id} (in URL string)
The match's unique ID
match_attachment[asset] A file upload (250KB max, no more than 4 attachments per match). If provided, the url parameter will be ignored.
match_attachment[url] A web URL
match_attachment[description] Text to describe the file or URL attachment, or this can simply be standalone text.

* At least 1 of the 3 optional parameters must be provided.
* Files up to 25MB are allowed for tournaments hosted by Premier badge Challonge Premier subscribers.