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Bulk create participants


Bulk add participants to a tournament (up until it is started). If an invalid participant is detected, bulk participant creation will halt and any previously added participants (from this API request) will be rolled back.




Name Description
Your API key (required unless you're using HTTP basic authentication)
{tournament} (in URL string)
Tournament ID (e.g. 10230) or URL (e.g. 'single_elim' for If assigned to a subdomain, URL format must be :subdomain-:tournament_url (e.g. 'test-mytourney' for
participants[][name] The name displayed in the bracket/schedule - not required if email or challonge_username is provided. Must be unique per tournament.
participants[][invite_name_or_email] Username can be provided if the participant has a Challonge account. Providing email will first search for a matching Challonge account. If one is found, the user will be invited. If not, the "new-user-email" attribute will be set, and the user will be invited via email to create an account.
participants[][seed] integer - The participant's new seed. Must be between 1 and the current number of participants (including the new record). Overwriting an existing seed will automatically bump other participants as you would expect.
participants[][misc] string - Max: 255 characters. Multi-purpose field that is only visible via the API and handy for site integration (e.g. key to your users table)