Open the tournament for predictions

Sets the state of the tournament to start accepting predictions. Your tournament's 'prediction_method' attribute must be set to 1 (exponential scoring) or 2 (linear scoring) to use this option. Note: Once open for predictions, match records will be persisted, so participant additions and removals will no longer be permitted.




Name Description
Требуется заполнить
Your API key (required unless you're using HTTP basic authentication)
Требуется заполнить
{tournament} (in URL string)
Tournament ID (e.g. 10230) or URL (e.g. 'single_elim' for If assigned to a subdomain, URL format must be :subdomain-:tournament_url (e.g. 'test-mytourney' for
include_participants 0 or 1; includes an array of associated participant records
include_matches 0 or 1; includes an array of associated match records